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The resolution of the led display screen has a lot to do with the clarity of its display image, but many users do not know how to calculate the resolution of the led display screen. Today, let’s follow the manufacturer in Shenzhen  to take a look, and let’s use actual cases to demonstrate:

The resolution of full-color LED display screen usually refers to the pixels of the LED display screen. For example, we need a p4 full-color LED display screen of 48 square meters, with a length of 8 meters and a width of 6 meters,  This is the resolution. In total, there are 3000000 pixels. It can be said that the resolution is very high;

Because the dots, lines and surfaces on the screen are all composed of pixels, the more pixels the led display  can display, the more refined the picture will be, and the more information can be displayed in the same screen area. Therefore, resolution is a very important performance indicator of the led display screen. The entire image can be thought of as a large chessboard, and the resolution is expressed by the number of horizontal lines and vertical lines crossed, This intersection is the number of display lights;
The above is the calculation method of the resolution of the full-color led display. I hope this article can help you

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