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China’s LED display screens have undergone a historic turning point in the international market, with exports reaching over 80%. Data shows that China’s LED display screens have entered the international arena and are being reviewed by users nationwide. त्यसो भए, despite the large export data, there are far fewer led advertising companies and products that we can truly export under our own brand. What is the reason behind this? This is a question worth pondering. What we are improving is not only quality, but more importantly, new product ideas and technological innovation. Lei Ling displays and shares with everyone the key issues:

1、 Does export advantage mean cost advantage
After the production of full-color display screens in Shenzhen, चीन, the development of the LED display screen industry has become increasingly prosperous. According to data from the LED Display Application Branch of the China Optics and Optoelectronics Industry Association, the annual sales volume of China’s LED display application market has reached 25.3 billion yuan since 2012, an increase of 15% compared to 2011. The rapid development of the industry has given rise to a mature and complete industrial chain supporting system, while also accelerating the production momentum.
2、 The development of display screen technology brings forth new ideas
हाल, the technology level of LED display screens at home and abroad is outstanding and innovative, pushing technology to a higher level. उदाहरण को लागी, the core components and key components of LED display screens have continuously improved in recent years, providing important technical support for the technological progress of LED display screens. The continuous innovation of LED display application products has also brought overall improvement to the technical level of China’s LED display industry.
3、 The overseas market is vast, but there are also many challenges.
Although LED display screens have a wide range of applications and have a wide range of scenarios in the global market. According to data, the global LED full-color display screen market will maintain a compound growth rate of 30.43% from 2010 लाई 2014. It is expected that the market size will increase to 9.55 billion US dollars, equivalent to approximately 60 billion Chinese yuan, द्वारा 2014.
4、 The current situation of LED display screen exports, with industry characteristic enterprises having advantages.
The development of LED display screen export business has created good profit margins and overseas reputation for domestic display screen production enterprises.
5、 The main competitor is not others, but oneself
Although there are many enterprises in China that export independent brands and products of LED display screens to the world, अवश्य, compared with some large foreign enterprises, their strength appears weak. The main reason is that China often focuses on imitation, but neglects innovation, brand research and development, and market innovation management. Compared with companies in the United States and Europe, China’s LED display screen industry is still very good in Asia.
In summary, in order for Chinese LED display screen enterprises to have international competitiveness and explore more high-end and branded international markets, they must deepen brand awareness, strengthen product quality management, pay attention to changes in the international market, and adjust their export strategies in a timely manner. Especially now, the fluctuation of the RMB exchange rate also has a certain impact on the company’s operations. This may also bring unfavorable factors to enterprises due to the continued significant appreciation of the RMB in the future, which will weaken the company’s operating results and seriously affect its business performance and profits. In summary, we have strengthened our own construction, optimized our internal management structure, improved our production quality, and strictly adhered to our brand strategy. We believe that Chinese LED display screen enterprises can go further and better.

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