Linsn LED Display Controller TS802D

Linsn LED Display Controller TS802D LED Sending Card for advertising LED wall

Original price was: $ 120.00.Current price is: $ 100.00.

Linsn LED Display Screen Wall Controller TS921 LED Sending Card

Original price was: $ 118.00.Current price is: $ 105.00.

Colorlight S-Series LED Display Controller S2 LED Sending Card

Original price was: $ 128.00.Current price is: $ 110.00.

Colorlight S-Series LED Display Controller S2 LED Sending Card

Original price was: $ 128.00.Current price is: $ 110.00.

Colorlight S-Series LED Display Controller S2 LED Sending Card, buy led display screen accessories from top led video wall manufacturer in China at low price.

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S2 Sending Card

As a new generation of sending card, S2 has updated its core chips, and the performance significantly improved. It adopts dual USB2.0 as the communication interface to achieve high speed communication between the PC and sending cards. S2 realizes cascading between multiple cards and much more convenient. Moreover, it equips PCI-E 1X interface, which is more versatile. S2 can be applied to small display perfectly.

·DVI signal input port
·Audio input port with synchronous transmission via Ethernet cable
·Maximum input resolution: 1920*1200 pixels
·Loading capacity: 1.31 million pixels; Maximum Width: 2560 pixels, Maximum Height: 2560 pixels
·2 Gigabit Ethernet port outputs support screen arbitrary splicing
·Dual USB ports for high speed configuration and easy cascading
·Improved grayscale performance at low brightness
·Equipped with 1*PCI-E interface for increased versatility
·Wide working voltage with DC 3.8~12V
·Compatible with all series of Colorlight receiving cards

Video Source Interface
 Interface Type DVI
Receiving Resolution 1920*1200 pixels
Frame Rate 60Hz, support auto-adjustment
Output Interface
Quantity 2 ports
Control Area Each net port is 1280*512 pixels (or equivalent area). 2 net ports are 1280*1024 pixels (or equivalent area)

Single card max width up to 2560 pixels, and 2560 pixels in height

 Transmission Distance CAT5≤140M;CAT6≤170M;Optical fiber: No limitation
Net Port Cascading Up-down or left-right cascading defined by user
 Transmission Mode Frame mode (Gigabit Ethernet) with CRC
Connection equipment
Receiving Card Compatible with all series of Colorlight receiving card
Peripherals Multifunction card, optical fiber transceivers, gigabit switcher
Size 140*105 mm
Input Voltage DC 3.8V-12V
Rated Power Consumption 6W
Weight 100g
External interfaces
Configuration Port USB
Real-time Configuration Support
Brightness and Chromaticity Adjustment Support
Smart Detection System DVI interface detection
Real-time Clock Includes real-time clock
More functions
Multi-Screen Control Multiple screens with different sizes can be controlled simultaneously
Background Playing Support background playing (Extended mode)
Audio Transmission Support
BER Detection Ethernet cable quality and malfunction detection

Additional information

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