LVP605S led video processor controller (3)

VDWALL LED Video Wall Processor LVP605S for LED Display Screen

Original price was: $ 600.00.Current price is: $ 560.00.

Novastar H5 video wall splicer for giant led advertising panels

Original price was: $ 24,000.00.Current price is: $ 21,500.00.
novastar h5 video wall splicer (1)
novastar H2 led video splicer (1)

Novastar H Series H2 video splicer matrix for narrow pitch LED display media server

Original price was: $ 6,000.00.Current price is: $ 5,000.00.

Novastar H Series H2 video splicer matrix for narrow pitch LED display media server

Original price was: $ 6,000.00.Current price is: $ 5,000.00.

H series video splicing server is a new generation of video splicing server developed by Nova Technology for small pitch screen with high picture quality, both Can be used as video processing, video control two-in-one video splicing processor

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The H2 is NovaStar newest generation of video wall splicer, featuring excellent image quality and designed especially for fine-pitch LED screens. The H2 can work as splicing processors that integrate both video processing and video control capabilities, or work as pure splicing processors. The whole unit adopts a modular and plug-in design, and allows for flexible configuration and hot swapping of input and output cards. Thanks to excellent features and stable performance, the H2 can be widely used in a variety of applications, such as energy and power, judicial departments and prisons, military command, water conservancy and hydrology, meteorological earthquake prediction, enterprise management, metallurgy of steel, banking and finance, national defense, public security traffic management, exhibitions and presentations, production scheduling, radio and television, educational and scientific research, as well as stage rental applications.

Based on the powerful hardware FPGA system architecture, with a modular and plug-in design, the H2 features a stable and highly efficient pure hardware architecture, and provides a variety of connector modules for flexible and personalized configuration, allowing for easy maintenance and low failure rate. The H2 provides the industry-standard input connectors, including HDMI, DVI, DP, VGA, CVBS, SDI and IP, and supports 10-bit video source input and processing, as well as 4K high-definition inputs and outputs. The H2 also provides two kinds of LED 4K sending  cards, allowing for the backup between the OPT ports and Ethernet ports as well as ultra-long distance transmission. Moreover, the H2 supports multi-screen and multi-layer management, input and output EDID management and monitoring, input source renaming, BKG and OSD settings and more, bringing you a rich image construction experience.
In addition, the H2 adopts the B/S architecture and supports cross-platform, cross-system access and control without the need to install an application program. On a Windows, Mac, iOS, Android or Linux platform, online collaboration of multiple users is supported and the Web page response speed is very fast, which greatly improves on-site setup efficiency. What’s more, the H2 supports online firmware update, allowing for easy hardware update on a PC.

odular and plug-in design, free combination at your will

  • Two kinds of LED 4K sending cards
    − H_20xRJ45 sending card loads up to 13,000,000 pixels.
    − H_16xRJ45+2xfiber sending card loads up to 10,400,000 pixels and provides two OPT ports that copy the outputs on Ethernet ports.
  • Multi-capacity configuration on a single card slot
    − 4x 2K×1K 60Hz
    − 2x 4K×1K 60Hz
    − 1x 4K×2K 60Hz
  • Simple screen configuration using a single card and connector
  • Online status monitoring of all input and output cards
  • Hot-swappable input and output cards
  • H_2xRJ45 IP input card supports up to 100 IP camera inputs and input mosaic.
  • Auto decryption of HDCP-encrypted sources
  • Decimal frame rates supported
  • HDR10 and HLG processing

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