novastar tb4 led screen video controller box (2)

novastar tb4 led screen video controller box

$ 240.00

Novastar TB2-4G LED display video control box for led screens

$ 118.00
novastar tb2 sending box controller (4)
tb1-4g led video wall controller

Novastar Taurus TB1-4G LED multimedia player for led wall

Original price was: $ 120.00.Current price is: $ 98.00.

Novastar Taurus TB1-4G LED multimedia player for led wall

Original price was: $ 120.00.Current price is: $ 98.00.

Taurus series products are NovaStar’s second generation of multimedia players dedicated to small and medium-sized full-color LED displays. Taurus series products can be widely used in LED commercial display fields such as lamp pole screens, chain store screens, advertising machines, mirror screens, retail store screens, door head screens, car screens, and screens without PCs.

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The Taurus series is Nova’s second-generation multimedia player for small and medium-sized LED full-color displays.

TB1 model products have the following advantages and can better meet user needs:

1. Loading capacity up to 650,000 pixels

2. Synchronization mechanism

3. Powerful processing capability

4. Omnidirectional control plan

5. Wi-Fi AP connection

TB1 can be widely used in LED commercial display field, such as bar screen, chain store screen, advertising machine, mirror screen, retail store screen, door head screen, on board screen and the screen requiring no PC.

Classification Description
Market type ▸Advertising media: To be used for advertising and information promotion including bar screen and advertising machine.
▸Digital signage: To be used for signage display in retail stores including retail store screens and door head screens.
▸Commercial display: To display commercial information of hotel, cinema and shopping mall, such as chain store screens
Networking mode ▸Independent screen: Use a PC or the client software of a mobile phone to enable single-point connection and management of a screen.
▸Cluster screen: Use the cluster solution developed by NovaStar to realize centralized management and monitor of multiple screens.
Connection type ▸Wired connection: A PC connects to Taurus through the Ethernet cable or LAN.
▸Wi-Fi connection: PC, Pad and mobile phone can connect to Taunus through Wi-Fi, which can be enabled in the case without PC in conjunction with ViPlex software.

1. Synchronization mechanism for multi-screen playing:

The TB1 support switching on/off function of synchronous display.

When synchronous display is enabled, the same content can be played on different displays synchronously if the time of different TB1 units are synchronous with one another and the same program is being played.

2. Powerful hardware processing Capability:
▸1.5 GHz four-core processor
▸Support for 1080P video hardware decoding
▸1 GB operating memory
▸8 GB on-board internal storage space with 4 GB available for users
3. Omnidirectional Control Plan:

Control Plan Connecting Mode User Terminal Related Software
Solution publishing and screen control through PC Ethernet cable
PC ViPlex Express NovaLCT
Solution publishing and screen control through LAN LAN PC ViPlex Express NovaLCT
Solution publishing and screen control through mobile phone Wi-Fi Mobile phone and Pad ViPlex Handy
Cluster remote solution publishing and screen control Ethernet cable
Mobile phone, Pad and PC VNNOX
ViPlex Handy
ViPlex Express
Cluster remote monitoring Ethernet cable
Mobile phone, Pad and PC NovaiCare
ViPlex Handy ViPlex Express

Cluster control plan is a new internet control plan featuring following advantages:
▸More efficient: Use the cloud service mode to process services through a uniform platform. For example, VNNOX is used to edit and publish solutions, and NovaiCare is used to centrally monitor display status.
▸More reliable: Ensure the reliability based on active and standby disaster recovery mechanism and data backup mechanism of the server.
▸More safe: Ensure the system safety through channel encryption, data fingerprint and permission management.
▸Easier to use: VNNOX and NovaiCare can be accessed through Web. As long as there is internet, operation can be performed anytime and anywhere.
▸More effective: This mode is more suitable for the commercial mode of advertising industry and digital signage industry, and makes information spreading more effective.
4. Wi-Fi AP Connection

The TB1 has permanent Wi-Fi AP. The SSID is “AP + the last 8 digits of the SN”, for example, “AP10000033”, and the default password is “12345678”. The TB1 requires no wiring and users can manage the displays at any time by connecting to the TB1 via mobile phone, Pad or PC.

TB1’s Wi-Fi AP signal strength is related to the transmit distance and environment. Users can change the Wi-Fi antenna as required.

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