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In recent years, benefiting from the strong demand in the downstream application market of LED, the LED display screen industry has developed rapidly and price competition has become increasingly fierce. However, with the influence of multiple factors such as packaging technology, cost control, production capacity scale, and supply chain, the differentiation among domestic packaging enterprises is becoming increasingly apparent.
Looking at the LED industry, we can outline a path of product driven channels, enhancing brands through channels, extending product lines through brands, and integrating products and brands through capital.
From this development path, we can see that only “market differentiation” can match the current popular segmented fields and meet the unique user experience of the audience. LED display screen manufacturers can only strengthen their profound understanding of light and environment, have a profound insight into human nature, and create personalized lighting environment solutions on this basis to form an unparalleled competitive advantage.
In addition, technology will always be the magic weapon for enterprises to win, and it is the inexhaustible driving force for enterprises to maintain their lives. Technology driven enterprises that enhance product technological breakthroughs and innovate in style, function, and use will enjoy the performance achievements of new technologies alone; When the effectiveness of a product no longer becomes a problem for the enterprise, service becomes the weight for the enterprise to win. Behind the rapid development of LED displays, it is necessary to eliminate the hidden “sequelae” that after-sales service cannot keep up with. Therefore, in the new era of LED display wall  competition, whoever can provide thoughtful after-sales service will have an advantage in the competition.
Innovation accelerates transformation, accelerates market regularization, and the imminent transformation of enterprises mainly manifests in:
Firstly, the dividend of relevant LED national policies is about to disappear.
Secondly, the advantages of traditional marketing have decreased.
Thirdly, facing the changes from individual marketing to overall marketing, and even overall cross industry marketing.
Fourthly, from a single advantage to pursuing a holistic advantage.
The success or failure of a company depends on 99.9% of its decision-makers, and 2014 is a year that tests them. Those who are eliminated will inevitably be locked down and self locked decision-makers. In the Internet era, all enterprises must transform.
To develop industries, it is not only necessary to rely on government leadership, but also to mobilize all advantageous resources to participate. To fully mobilize the enthusiasm and participation of LED display screen manufacturers, industry associations and social organizations in various cities actively participate, gather wisdom and integrate strength, and strive to improve the ability and level of collaborative innovation.
In the future, the industry will further advance through

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