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The return on investment of commercial LED stage screens is significant, and their profitability mainly depends on the installation location, popularity, and local economic consumption level of the display screen. In general, LED displays can recoup after about six months.
Nowadays, LED display screen prices are decreasing and investment costs are getting lower, but advertising fees are getting higher. The benefits of outdoor LED display screens are highly likely to continue to grow.

How to choose a suitable commercial LED stage screen? Three years ago, many people knew that the P16 had a high cost performance ratio, and at 60 square meters, the pixels were completely sufficient to meet the requirements. But with the significant decrease in price of P10 full-color outdoor display screens in the past two years, the cost-effectiveness advantage of P16 is no longer very obvious.
Based on the current development situation, the P10 full-color series is recommended for 60 square meter outdoor LED screens. Of course, for customers with low pixel requirements, P16 is also a good choice.
What are the advantages of commercial LED stage screens that make them so popular? Let’s take a look together:
By adopting an efficient fiber optic transmission system, the signal delay caused by long transmission distances is effectively reduced, ensuring consistent image playback.
The advertising content on commercial LED stage screens can be changed at any time and displayed to different customers 24/7.
Equipped with dual network cable hot backup function, two computers simultaneously control one screen. When one computer encounters a problem, the other computer automatically takes over to ensure that the display screen works properly.
Equipped with a photosensitive control system, it automatically adjusts the brightness of the display screen according to changes in indoor and outdoor light, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, greatly reducing your operating costs.
High refresh rate and high grayscale make the LED display screen more realistic, meeting the high visual quality requirements for commercial use.

All display information can be remotely networked controlled, and the screen information can be easily changed with just a click of the mouse, thus achieving the clustering of advertising display networks in cities and regions.
Support network control function, allowing you to control the display screens of several cities in one place and change the content you want to play at any time.
Equipped with an environmental monitoring system, allowing you to know the operation of the display screen anytime and anywhere.

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