led mirror screen

Led mirror screen, commonly known as static screen, is evolved from advertising machine and also belongs to small spacing LED display screen. LED advertising mirror screen is controlled by terminal software, network information transmission and multimedia terminal display to form a complete advertising control system. Advertising is carried out through multimedia materials such as pictures, words, videos and plug-ins.
With the development of advertising media and the increasing prosperity of commercial economy, advertising machines have sprung up in people’s vision, and LED advertising mirror screens are more and more widely used, such as shopping centers, catering industry, product launches, weddings, hotels, airports, luxury stores, chain stores, reception halls, mobile screens, real-time video, catering industry, reception halls, etc.
Advantages of LED mirror advertising screen:
1. The light and thin screen body, front maintenance and appearance design strive to present a high-end atmosphere, fashionable and novel, and the installation method is flexible, which can meet the installation requirements of various application scenarios.
2. The system adopts zero setting design, which is simple and convenient to operate, plug and play advertising, and can master everything through intelligent remote monitoring and management of mobile app. The LED mirror screen can be spliced at will, so it has a larger area, a wider viewing angle, more eye-catching and stronger visual impact than traditional LCD and DLP.
3. In the static state, the requirements for color and clarity are more obvious than that of dynamic video. The audience watches in more detail in the static state. It has its advantages in dealing with close-up ink and ripple.
4. Stability can control the static picture to jump in a few seconds without the phenomenon of fast and slow. There is also the stability of the control management system and information release.

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